Essay On Year Round School

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Do you ever learn something new in school then forget it the next minute? As a student you may learn thing in one minute and forget what you had learned in the next this might be cause by the distractions caused by your life spent outside of school. In a year round school students learn at a constant pace of one subject after the next. Giving you no time to forget what you had just learned, In year round school students get the environment of always learning with no distractions to stay on track. Through year round school you are able to get the time you need to recover during break. But not long enough for you to forget what you had just learned the past year, you are always surrounded by knowledgeable people, teachers and the best way to …show more content…
With a balanced break schedule frequent breaks might be a great option for students and teachers to re-energize and recharge. Students need time to recover from all the studying and learning. Although it a "year round" school there is time you the student to take a break and relax for once. Students need time to recover. Children needing "down time" to decompress and "be kids,". Kids need the Downtime, time to explore interests, socialize, etc. Year round school give students the proper amount a breaks evenly throughout the school year without that students lose about 27 percent more of their learning gains in the summer months than their peers. Keep mind on track instead when they lose knowledge at home in month off. Third, on the other hand, some people believe that year round school is non beneficial to your knowledge growth. But studies show that there is a difference learning knowledge based on the both a traditional school and a year round school. Although year round school sounds longer than traditional school It's important to understand that most students in year-round schools attend school the same number of days, which is usually 180 as students in traditional nine-month schools. So for most students, there is not the advantage of additional time in the

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