Essay On World War I And Women's Suffrage

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World War I and Women’s Suffrage
During the twentieth century in The United States, women encountered and stood up to problems pertaining to their place in society. Ultimate freedom was the goal of many, as for the women, that was their proposed eventual goal. Many leaders rose up to the occasion, took action, and commanded the way towards personal moral success. Women demanded the right to vote, it was not an easy task to accomplish; however, with strength and potential, they overcame society’s views and not only reformed the government, but also changed the way women were identified as in general. There were many factors affecting the women’s movement, their fight was not limited to government refusal, they faced other circumstances as well.
World War I, which took place during the women’s suffrage movement, negatively and positively affected women’s development in civilization. The main negative aspect of war was obviously the deaths and troubles involved on the physical facet, but war also affected the way people prioritized problems. Women’s suffrage during the war was secondary to the on-hand problems originating from war; meaning, less attention was paid when women’s needs were expressed. As the war progressed, so did women, the women’s views were ignored even when they stood for days in front of the white
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Their fight continued until their ideas were addressed and digested by the president. The war made people sensitive and thoughtful of women’s needs because of their involvement in War. The positive part of War originated from the peoples' new way of perceiving women in society. After women showed their enrollment during the war, “the House of Representatives initially passed a voting rights amendment on January tenth”. This amendment though was not passed until after the war, on “August 26, 1920” ("The Women’s Rights Movement,

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