Essay On Women's Rights In Afghanistan

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Women's Rights in Afghanistan

How would you feel if you were given no rights and treated as if you were not a human being? The women in Afghanistan have lack of equal rights being abused and are being treated unfairly. Women of Afghanistan are being treated unfairly because of the lack of equal rights and abuse, therefore a law should be passed to end the unfair treatment of women in Afghanistan. Women in the Afghanistan are being treated like they are not human beings. They are not allowed to go to school unless they secretly go to learn but risk being caught. Most women are not allowed to work, especially women teachers who were the ones who mostly taught children. Their family forces the women to marry someone older so they can keep living and if she refuses the family may harm her. When they get attacked it's them who get shamed, not the attacker. They should be able to say
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It says in the text that telling the stories of why women are not able to go to school and that they get abused by their family and men will help show that women should be equal, so they don't have to keep living like this. This shows that women should have equal rights so they don't have to keep suffering from being abused by their families and other people. So making a law that protects the women from being abused and becoming equal will help how people think of women in Afghanistan. A law should be passed in Afghanistan that women should have equal rights and if they ever get abused the abuser is punished. The problems in Afghanistan is women don't have equal rights and that that victims of abuse, their abuser usually don't get punished and go to jail. The solution though is that creating more laws for women to have equal rights and to punish the abusers. In the end there needs to be something that stops from women not being able to have equal rights and from them getting

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