Essay On Rape Culture

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Our society does not only take one step forward, but also takes two steps back. As time moves on, education in society improves. Humanity became capable of building rockets that can fly pass the sky and touch the moon, but people are still unable to learn from the past errors of society. Despite the outer appearance of society being shaped to match the image of a futuristic world, society still follows some aspects that were labeled as barbaric. Even though many people believe the actions that this country committed towards women in the past are inhumane, women are still being treated in a similar way in this modern era. In our modern society, there is a culture that criticize and judge other people. It is surrounded with beliefs that give …show more content…
Some people make jokes, music, movies, and cartoons to lessen the seriousness of sexual violence, which has caused the public to have different views about victims. Those beliefs have created misunderstandings on why some men raped some women. An example of this misunderstanding is how some people believe that some women desire sexual intercourse because of how indecent they acted or how inappropriate they dressed. Rape culture does not benefit the victims, but it does help attackers because it contains beliefs like women are just making up rape stories to attract attention. Rapists can use what people believe in the culture to make excuses for their actions, changing the perspective of their crimes. For that reason, people have different views about who is the victim and who is the rapist. Rape culture might give reasons to why a woman is not a victim of a rape, but those reasons are just myths that are created from people misunderstanding sexual violence. Therefore, rape culture has lightened the seriousness of sexual violence and created confusion with myths about who is to be blamed in the cases of sexual

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