Why Do Students Wear Uniforms

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School uniforms has always been a hot topic in society. It’s really hard to choose a side but after sitting down and actually thinking about it I believe that school uniforms bring more good things then bad things to students. The reason why I believe all students should wear school uniforms are because school uniforms can prevent students from getting bullied or having peer pressure, they will help the family economically and they will save time at home and at school.
I think the most important reason why students should wear school uniforms are because it can prevent a child from getting bullied or being under peer pressure. This is especially true now a days. Students have to wear a certain brand of clothing just to fit in. One day my little
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Parents who have students that do not wear uniforms go through a struggle each morning. They have to pick out a set of cloths then their child probably would not want to wear that because they want to wear this certain set of cloths. Then the parents have to go look for it then they realize, that set of cloths is dirty so then they have to convince their child to wear this other set of cloths. After all that struggle the parents realize their child is going to be late for school. Students who are teenagers go through the same struggle, especially girls. They try on one set of cloths and they do not like how it looks on them. Then they try another one and another one and then they realize that the first set of cloths looked better. Students who wear uniforms do not have to worry about going through this struggle because they do not have many choices to choose from. Uniforms will save time at home and will improve school attendance because student are not being late because they did not know what to wear. Uniforms will also save time at school because there will be less disciplinary issues about dress codes. Teachers do not have to worry about sending students to the office because their skirts and shorts are too short or wasting time on telling the boys to pull up their pants.
In conclusion I support school uniforms because it will prevent bullying, it will help parents economically, and it will save time. Uniforms help

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