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Everyone has had a moment where they realized that they have a certain skill, ability, or quality about themselves that they gained from something they might not have expected. They might have gained this from a class, or a club, or activity they did in the past. Music is something that many people have taken skills from and used to become successful. Some of these people are famous and can credit great amounts of their success to their musical background. Sometimes people use skills for one field or job that they gained from doing something else entirely.
Musical training and success in life can be directly correlated because people gave proven it, science has proven it, and life has proven it.
One reason why music training can lead to success
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Music training gives people good morals and values, and that, can lead to success. The Commission of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report did a study which showed that secondary students who were a part of a musical group or had musical training had the lowest lifetime and current use of any substance such as drugs or alcohol (“Benefits” 2). This is perfect proof as to how music training can lead to success. Along with that there are several successful people who can think of different qualities that music training has given them, that may have given them success. Some of these skills include confidence (Lipman 8), which is an incredibly important, and in most cases, crucial part of being successful. Confidence can be that extra “it” that people are looking for, and having the quality can change a life in an instant. Confidence can give a person that bravery to make their idea heard, which many successful people have done and taken from soloing in a performance. Another quality successful people think music training has given them is drive. Much like confidence, having drive can change a life and make a person successful (Lipman 8). Drive is what gives people that hunger to get better, or to push through when it’s tough. How is someone supposed to be successful when they give up when the going gets tough? People with musical …show more content…
This seems like a viable reason, it makes plenty of sense that someone who is good at math would be successful in a career that takes lots of math, such as engineering; in engineering, precise measurements are both mandatory and vital to the completion of a product or project. The problem with this theory is that someone who is essentially a human calculator, does just that. They calculate. Skills like calculating are great for people who want to do the calculating. It’s fair to say that if that human calculator had taken a little bit of time to learn some music, and gather the skills that music training offers people, that the human calculator might have that “it” that gets him the project manager title vs a calculations consultant-type of title, all thanks to music. Another thing people say is that musical training doesn’t actually add any sort of advantage and that it’s all hogwash. According to a study of over 25,000 secondary students, data was found that showed students who were highly involved in instrumental music showed higher proficiency in mathematics by grade 12. (“Benefits” 3). This again shows that people who are in musical training, and in this case, instrumental music, really do gather abilities and skills that can potentially give them an advantage. The doubters are all incorrect and the

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