Essay On Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legal

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Some people may think marijuana doesn’t cause any problems or harm the human body, but the truth is that it cause many problems slowly. Marijuana should not be legal because it will cause memory loss, grades to drop, trigger heart attacks and cause lung effects. People believe that smoking marijuana can help cure your disease, but it has many harmful side effects and can cause you to be dangerous to the community. People who smoke marijuana believe that it helps relieve your pain and makes you feel better. Some also say it is even safer than smoking regular cigarettes and alcohol, but it is way more dangerous to the human body. In other states, marijuana is used as a prescription for people to treat their diseases or sickness. It may help, but it will cause more pain to the body later and cause many harmful side effects which can lead to heart attacks at random. In other states, you are able to buy marijuana anywhere and people are able to smoke it easily outside. People enjoy smoking because they believe it makes you calm, relax, and helps relieve all pain. Marijuana can cause so many side effects that are not worth having. For Example, when you smoke marijuana you start to have memory loss, munchies and you don’t act normal, you start to act different and you pay less …show more content…
Smoking this drug causes many long term effects that will mess up your future badly like not being able to have a great career and your health is always in risk of getting strokes and heart attacks. There are people out there that marijuana is the cure to everything and it relieves all pain, but it cause so much damage to yourself. Marijuana has both short and long term effects that can screw up your life badly. Marijuana should not be legal because of the harmful effects it has on you and the community all around you, it is not worth killing yourself just to feel good and relieve all the

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