Essay On Why Is Race A Biological Construct

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In terms of genetics, technology has advanced far enough to map out the human genome. As a population, we have found out that there are no ethnic markers that differentiate us from one another, with genetic variation sometimes being greater between two individuals of the same race than two individuals of different races. Even with the knowledge that the human genome insists the lack of a biological race, the persistence of the basal human need to categorize humans into ethnic categories begs the question as to why race still exists. To answer this question, I find it important to understand the basis for racial differences on an anthropological and genetic level and how race began to be a social construct. In the field of genetics, the human genome has been mapped in its entirety and all that remains is to identify what implications …show more content…
While temporary adaptations exist to acclimatize individuals to meet the needs of the times, there are also genetically rooted adaptations through the survival of numerous bouts of natural selection. One question that arises is, if race is not a biological construct, is it an evolutionary construct? In examining some characteristics such as cephalic index and stature, scientists have found differences in these categories in the same ethnic group at two different geographical locations. (Lasker, 1969). While the research modes at the time were outdated, the ethnic data pool was insubstantial, and alternative explanations could be provided given the results, one interpretation of the data is that race as an evolutionary construct is a more feasible idea than that of biological race. Plasticity allows us to adapt to different altitudes, heat, cold, nutrition requirements, and growth, and given different geographical locations segregated by race, these adaptive markers are more indicative of race than biological or genetic based

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