Teacher Position At The Isaac Newton Academy

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I am applying for a Maths teacher position at the Isaac Newton Academy because I firmly believe that I have what it takes to make students’ progress in every single lesson.
I have taught in a number of schools, including covering different schools and subjects. This enabled me to work with different people and meet many students. The brief moment that I used to work as a cover teacher helped me to be flexible, committed and experience managing students in different subjects.
I have worked at a boys’ only school (Harris Boys Academy, East Dulwich) for nearly a year, where I met some challenging students, but because all of us worked as a team, the school turned up to be very successful.
In my planning, I always try to make the lessons relevant by linking them to the real life situations and current issues that happen around us, believing that this is the best way to
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Some of the students in this cohort had some lifetime medical conditions and the whole class had no access to the curriculum. My role was to plan and teach themed lessons and I enjoyed that challenge and did it whole heartedly. This experience made me be thankful for everything and also develop empathy. I will not hesitate doing a similar role again if asked.
Thankfully, as a person, I was brought up without any trace of luxury, so I value every single resource. I do not appreciate seeing people misuse resources while there are millions of people who need them. With this in mind, I always make sure things are looked after. Sometimes I buy equipment for my classes, this makes me even determined to make sure they are well utilised.
I am a good professional, who like to find solutions to the problems and not to complain. I like what I am doing and because I spend a considerable amount of my time at school, I regard my working place as a very important venue, hence I try to invest in making it an enjoyable place to

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