I Want To Be A Social Service Worker Essay

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Growing up I was always the child that loved to be surrounded by people. I was always the person that got very upset when I heard people judging others. I want to be a Social Service Worker for three main reasons. Firstly, being a person with a disability I witness how people act towards those with different abilities and would like change how the general public sees people with disabilities to a more positive and accurate perspective of what it is like to be a person with a disability. Secondly, I’m an emotional abuse survivor, and I believe everyone needs some emotional support thought their lives. Lastly, going to my mom’s place I have seen what it is like to live with mental illness and would like to help those with mental illness.
I want to change the
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Some believe those with mental health issues from those that do not understand it are people with depression are lazy, people with mental health are crazy, or that people with suicidal thoughts are attention seekers, or people with anxiety are rude. These projections of mental health are due to the lack of knowledge about mental health. As a social service worker I want to provide for of an open platform to speak about mental health. As a country we need to break the stigma and be able to have an open conversation. I think just telling a client that that I understand what is going on will be huge stress reliever of them.
When a client goes to a social service worker for services it is important to recognize that there is no hierarchy. Both the worker and the client are at equal level when it comes to power. (Hasenfeld 1997). A SSW works to put power back into the hands of their clients. They do this by providing information, resources, training clients to fight for their rights, and further educating clients on what their needs are, therefore, giving them the power to thrive on their own (Hansenfeld

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