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It is with great interest that I contact you regarding an Elementary Teachers position within the Toronto District School Board. I encountered your acquisition request through a colleague in my graduate program at Lakehead University. During my undergraduate program at Lakehead University, I was enrolled in the Concurrent Education Program and I received a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree with a specialization in Geography.
Education is a very important aspect of my life. My decision to pursue a career in education is due to my intrinsic desire to make a positive impact on children. As I consider my future as a teacher, I think about my own experiences in education from elementary school to university. From the basics of reading, spelling
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I enjoy this because it involves the same children every week, giving me the opportunity to get to know them, watch them develop and earn their respect. This experience has given me insight into classroom management and reinforced my desire to teach. Moreover, the teacher I work with allows me the privilege of working with a special needs student, who has been diagnosed with Autism and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. We work together on tasks including reading, spelling, mathematics and art. This interaction has allowed me to develop my leadership capabilities by providing direction and guidance. Earning the trust and respect of this student was certainly a challenge; I often spoke to her about non-related school activities, as well as his likes and dislikes to learn more about her. I feel that through these interactions, she was able to trust me and work effectively. The feeling of helping this student is indescribable; I have truly impacted them and have enabled for their learning experience to thrive despite a …show more content…
This would also create an exciting, cooperative and welcoming classroom setting, in which parents would feel comfortable sending their children knowing that they are receiving high levels of education and that the teacher is maximizing their learning potential. The organization and usage of space is imperative to make a learning environment where there are many resources that are available and where there is a structured routine which benefits students to provide prioritization of different subjects and allows them to focus on one area of the curriculum at a time. So as to have a viable learning environment, there must be full support of parents towards their child’s education, there must be goals set by the teacher that every student must reach and lessons should be interactive and hands because this is the best way that student learn and absorb information. The support of parents is extremely important in the early stages of education. This is because while information is presented in class, parents have the responsibilities of practicing this information with their children through homework activities. Homework provides students when extra practice time which helps them understand topics. Also, by being supportive in their child’s education, parents provide a system and a routine for their children which will produce

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