Essay On Why I Be A Good Bricklayer

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Register to read the introduction… If your boss knows you will do the job and do it well then you should be

successful at your job." That is what I would do.

I know a lot about bricks. Just think of all the new things I could learn, with

training. With the right training I would be able to put the bricks in and know where they

would look the best. I think I'd be good at that because I'm good at drawing things out to

see what it is going to look like. I could draw a picture of a brick path for instance and it

would be good. What I was saying before, I know a lot about where bricks would look

good right now, so when I'm like 25 I would know a lot because I would get trained to do

it well. A high school diploma is not needed to become a bricklayer. Most people attend

a vocational school to learn a lot about the occupation. Or they get an apprenticeship

with someone and get a lot of training through that (WOIS p ).

In conclusion I would be a good bricklayer because I'm a good worker, I have a

lot of energy, and I know a lot about bricks. For these three reasons alone are good

points and examples why I would be a good bricklayer. There are other reasons too, but

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