Why Do People Manipulate People Do Differently

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When it comes down to thoughts and ideas, everyone in the world thinks different even if the subject and all the other factors that help express the idea or belief are the same. The primary reason why people might think so different from each other must do mainly because everyone manipulates information given towards them differently. Some factors that alter the way that someone manipulates information are those such as culture, religion, age, and many others that a person is unconsciously thinking about when making any decision or interpretation. A quick example of what I just said, just to clarify any misunderstandings, can be found when a group of people is asked whether it’s okay to let people under 18 drive legally. The amount of information given is the same for everyone, but the end results are most likely to vary with older people saying that younger people should not be let to drive. …show more content…
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The broad word that allows the reader to manipulate what the author is trying to say again in this sentence is the word “it” again. Additionally, the author as previously done already, narrows the things that the reader can manipulate the word “it” by saying that “it” has to be “lifting up” and also has to be “large as a giant”. Consequently, although the option of interpreting “it” with an alarm clock is no longer a valid option since an alarm clock doesn’t follow the rule of being large or lifting up, the other options of interpreting “it” are still valid. For example, considering that the nuclear bomb was the reason for the noise that sounded like a pressure cooker, once ignited a nuclear bomb creates a wave of debris that from close by looks large. In fact, many people know that a nuclear bomb destroys and lifts up anything that is on its path, so that means that a nuclear bomb is a valid option to replace the word “it” once again since it doesn’t break the rule of being large and lifting

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