Essay On Walt Whitman's Song Of Myself

Song of Myself written by Walt Whitman celebrates life and how people can become one with nature. Whitman shows how happy life can be if you take the world and look at its beauty. Whitman’s poem takes readers through many settings, time points and viewpoints. While the setting for the love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock written by T.S Eliot is about a middle-aged man in a big dirty city who views life as though it has nothing to offer but boredom, anxiety, and death. Prufrock shows life can be filled with many indecisive moments and bring anxiety natural to the social world. Whitman’s structure for this poem is free verse, lists, long lines, and anaphora’s. While the important themes to his poem are the idea of self, identification of self with others, and elements of nature and universe. Whitman …show more content…
Prufrock means he’s living his life in careful measures. Prufrock is not a man who is prone to extremes or one who would do anything out of the ordinary. He does not live his life in a spontaneous way. In other words, he has been living his life the same way everyday measuring out his options and trying to make decision and has nothing to show for it. He makes it seem as if he were to die tomorrow no one would notice and if he were to go away he’d go unnoticed.
In other words, Eliot’s Love song of Alfred J Prufrock is like Song of Myself his is just a more jaded view of society while Whitman’s is enthusiastic to be alive and surround by all the beauty life has to offer. Whitman is a romanticist writer, he loves nature and life, and always looks on the bright side of things. While in Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock he views his life in self-doubt and many indecisive decisions. He feels as though he is living every day the same exact way. Even though these two authors are completely different from each other, they both write about their views on life in different

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