Essay On Vizsla

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They are also one of the domesticated breed of dogs which have large or big sizes. The Bull Mastiffs was developed originally by 19th century to be guard dogs which share the same personality to molosser dogs. This breed of dog was the result of combining the Old English Bulldog and English Mastiff. Bull Mastiffs are known to be dogs that hardly ever bark and are quiet.
6. Vizsla
I don’t know why other people often get confused this dog breed to a pit bull but this breed is too lovable. The Vizsla Breed of dog is usually born with a shiny goldish brown coat. Vizsla also has ears that hang pretty well because they have the droopiest ears among other breeds. This breed of dog really originates from Hungary which means that this is a Hungarian
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This breed of dog is not only good in sports but is also suited to be a family dog and companion. Due to its exceptional trainability and admirable nose, the Vizsla dog breed is born to be a hunter naturally. Although some of Vizsla’s personalities are sensitive and gentle-mannered, they also have high protective instinct and they tend to be fearless.
7. Presa Canario
The Presa Canario or commonly known as the Canary dog looks to be a very strong watch dog and is not very different from Cane Corso. Stock supervision is just one of the greatest usages. Presa Canarios tend to get their ears cropped and they are muscular physically which are the reasons why many people often mistaken them as pit bulls. The color of their coat is neither all black nor brown; instead their coat only has streaks of colors brown black or white which in short term is called as brindled.
At young age, Presa Canario must be trained in order for them to be obedient since they are normally not a social breed of dog. Presa Canario also known or called as Canary Mastiff is a breed of dog in large Molosser type and their name in Spanish means Canarian catch dog. This dog breed sometimes is also called as Dogo Canario which means Canarian

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