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Chemistry EE
Concentration of Vitamin C in Kale
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How do different methods of cooking, namely steaming, baking, and frying, affect the amount of ascorbic acid in Kale?
In a daily diet, arguably the most important thing to get a proper amount of is vitamins. Vitamins provide countless services and roles in the human body including helping with your immune system, repairing skin and bone tissues, and converting what you eat into energy. One of the most prominent vitamins being Vitamin C.
Ascorbic acid, more commonly known as “Vitamin C” is a necessary component of a healthy diet. It is used as a prevention and treatment for scurvy. It is an electron donor, which makes it a powerful
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This will be referred to as the corn starch solution. This starch will be added to the mixture because without a starch, no color will show up. Iodine is a strong oxidant, which reacts with both vitamin c and starch when they are in a solution. However, because Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, the iodine reacts with it first, and once it has finished reacting with the vitamin c, it then begins to react with the starch.
Next, 500 mL of water were boiled, and from this was measured 120 mL into a beaker, in which the corn starch solution was mixed until dissolved. This will be referred to as the diluted corn starch solution.
5 mL of the diluted corn starch solution were added to the vitamin c solution and stirred. This will be referred to as the reference sample.
The reference sample was then put on top of a magnetic stirrer, and a burette was filled with the iodine solution. The iodine was then slowly released until a dark blue color remained.
Two new reference samples were prepared in the same method in order to assure accuracy. The amount of iodine taken to darken these was then recorded. These three samples are recorded in the table below.
Trial Number Iodine (in mL)
Trial 1 2.3
Trial 2

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