Essay On Victimless Crime

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Victimless crime is as illegal behavior that by definition has “no victims.” This illegal behavior does not directly violate or threaten the rights of another individual. Victimless crimes are based on morality laws or laws that are considered to be for the good or best of society. Research focuses on the three main areas of prostitution, drugs, and gambling. I believe that there needs to be more of a focus on the issue of prostitution. This is because of the controversial topics of legalization and human trafficking.
Prostitution is widely disliked because it involves sex exchange for money or other financial gain. Not surprisingly, our negative attitudes toward prostitution apply much more to prostitutes than to their clients, many of whom are middle-class businessmen and other so-called respectable individuals. Over the years, critics have condemned prostitutes as immoral women with wild sexual desire, but they have said little about their clients. Scholars have studied why women become prostitutes, yet few, if any, studies exist of why men become their customers. The message is that it is normal for men, often in a sort
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It was even split seven men for gambling and seven women for prostitution to focus. I think this split was because of the gender involved in each crime type. Women tend to be the main gender affected by or involved in the prostitution while gambling is usually perceived as involving male victims or contributors. In movies and television gambling usually involved male criminals or mobsters and their debt collectors are male. In comparison, prostitution in crime shows and movies focuses on the women on the corner. As prostitution research has begun to involve human trafficking and this focus is on women and girl victims we female students want to know more about the subject. In conclusion, the gender of the victims seem to be cause of the gender division in

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