Essay On Veterinarian

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Have you ever had the feeling of helping hurt injured animals? Well veterinarians have to help animal with important injuries. Some veterinarians help animals all over the world. Veterinarians help animals with injuries, illnesses, diseases broken bones and any important accidents. Veterinarians are very helpful to animals and the animals owners. They treat animals with respect and care about them. There are many types of veterinarians. I chose a veterinarian because I would really like to help animals and I love dogs. I think that if you love animals a veterinarian is a good career to research. Veterinarians are all about injured animals that are hurt, sick, or even have diseases.

Work Environment
Veterinarians have to be responsible to help animals. Veterinarians help animals that have diseases and other bad conditions. If an animal is injured badly they get help from the veterinarian and help the heal. I like that if I was a veterinarian I would be able to help the animal heal veterinarians have to be there for animals even if they're not at work, for example, if a veterinarian is not at work and there is an emergency,and if the veterinarian gets called in to help with the emergency they have to go immediately. I don't really like that they have to go immediately because if I would be somewhere else
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Veterinarians have to be compassionate while working with animals. Veterinarians have to treat animals with kindness and respect, and also they have to be sensitive when dealing with the owners of sick pets. I would like to help injured animals because I am kind to all animals and caring. Veterinarians have to help animals get better from there injury. Veterinarians have to decide the correct method for treating the injuries and illnesses of animals. For example, deciding to euthanize a sick animals, for instance, it can be difficult. The qualities of being a veterinarian can be difficult and

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