Essay On Verbal Values In Lermontov's Bela

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Verbal Values
“Bela” is a story that is adapted from Lermontov’s novel, The Hero of our Time. This is a novel that has attracted a wide leadership due to the values that are communicated through various characters. In this story, the author describes his reasoning on various characters and the way in which they behave. Either to help others or to help themselves. Some even ended up getting influenced by others to a point of changing their way of doing things. The values they hold shape the way in which they perform roles. As many have suggested, Lermontov portrays himself through other characters. He maintains that it is not possible that he created himself through Pechorin despite this being clear that it is the contrary. He does not agree
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The narrator is not named but through him, we get to learn about so many things. The interaction of the characters and the exploration of the values they hold dear is a product of this unnamed narrator. This narrator travels through the Caucasus Mountains and encounters an old officer named Maxim Maximych (Lermontov and Biske). Immediately after their meeting, they engage in a conversation. It is after this that they travel together to the mountains. Under a blizzard, they find a shelter where they take a rest as their conversation ensures. Here we realize that the value of love and cooperation is explored. The friendship that these two create help them to cover the journey to the mountains and become great friends who move together as they share various experiences. They open to each other up to the point that the narrator, who is unnamed, is given the story of Pechorin, a young officer. Keen to listen to the story is the narrator who seems so interested in the story. His patience and persistence as the story is narrated is a key value that the author wishes to communicate to the reader. The narrator remains silent for the most part of duration for the time that the narration is going …show more content…
In love, honesty is key to ensure that the friendship moves with the necessary speed and without hiccups. Pechorin gets interested with a native girl called Bela. To win her love, he goes through difficult times and at some instance, he has to wrestle Azamat who is Bela’s younger brother. These fights and hustles he goes through reveals how much he is in need of Bela’s love. In return of Bela, Pechorin vows to assist Azamat a local tribesman horse. Pechorin is representative of that class of people that are so irrational that they would do almost everything in order to get that which they deserve. Although it can be argued out that Pechorin is a great person who risks his life and reputation for that which he loves, the act of betraying his trust by accepting to steal for the sake of Bela is incredibly nauseating bearing in mind that he does this with Bela’s brother. Azamat later runs away to a faraway place while Pechorin tries to get Bela. It, however, difficult for Pechorin when, after all this, Bela refuses him but later falls for

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