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Venus de Milo is easily one of the worlds most famous works of art from the ancient world, damaged and full of history Venus de Milo is a wondrous mystery. it was rediscovered on the 8th of April in 1820 by a peasant on the Greek island of Melos while he was digging up rubble for his farm. The statue Venus de Milo was mutilated, in two main pieces; the peasant who found Venus de milo knew that he had uncovered a masterpiece and quickly sought out officials to aid in safely retrieving the statue. The statue Venus de Milo named for Venus the Roman goddess of love, dates back to 150 B.C. from the Hellenistic Period of Greek history. Believed to have been created by Alexandros From Antioch due to the inscription at the base of Venus de Milo, however the credit of this work of art once belonged to Praxiteles before the lost podium was found. Arguably the most well-known statue in the world of art; Venus de Milo is on display for public view in the louvre Museum in Paris, for all the world to see and marvel at its beauty and mystery.
The medium Alexandros used to create Venus de Milo was Italian marble, a type of white high quality marble popularly used in sculpture. Italian marble’s durability and translucency has made it a popular choice among many great ancient Greek artists such as Polykeitos,
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However in Greek statuary it was not uncommon to find a nude female form. Greek artist strived for the perfect ideal human form, Venus de Milo depicting the goddess of Beauty and love would be symbolism for the ideal female form. Even though women were seen as being subservient, the Greeks believed that male and female forms were dichotomies, allowing nude female forms to be socially acceptable. In todays modern world, the Venus de Milo is considered to be one of the greatest works of art from ancient Greece its mystery only adding to its

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