Should Cell Phones Be Banned In Schools

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Cellphone use time and time again has been thought by teachers and adults to affect the learning ability and it distracts them but does it? Many believe that if you ban the phones in schools and in learning areas then the students will learn but there is no substantial evidence. An article written by Kevin Hart said “Many teachers say cell phones have officially replaced chewing gum as the new classroom menace.” Use of cellphones should be left up to the students: they are solely responsible for their learning, they will always find other ways to cheat, and they need them for emergencies. Millions have addressed banning the cell phone use, in learning areas such as school and work areas. The reason for this would be because the teachers or instructor believes that the only cause of failure in classes are the use …show more content…
From the author John Tlumacki it states “while others insist that phones and tablets distract students, compromising their learning and focus.” this is a great quote because it explains exactly what every adult usually thinks. There will always be a problem with the learning and development of anyone because cell phones aren 't the only distraction out there its the only thing in this generation that matters the most to almost everyone. There are 88% or more people in the United States of America that have access to a cell phone and that is their prime use of communication. So think about this if your mom was calling for an emergency and you couldn 't answer it because of school or work, who would you blame yourself or the school/work place? Many have arguments around the ban of cell phone use in certain areas, but there are questions that come up whether

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