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Unit 9 Project

Unit 9 Project. The term religion is derived from Latin word religio which means awe or fear in the presence of a supernatural being or God. In Indo European language, the root word lig, or leg in the term religion means “to be concerned”. This root has a connection with the Greek word alegein which means “to pay homage”. Religion has therefore to do with concern and paying heed to. (Mugambi, 2010). According to the New Webster’s concise Dictionary, Religion is a belief in a divine or superhuman power or principle, the manifestation of such a belief in worship and ritual, any system of religious faith or practice, the religious life and a bond which binds the visible and invisible worlds.
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Religion unifies and interprets individuals into a social group which helps improve the quality of life among people. Religion is also essential for cultural order and habit. It systematically explains and expresses the values of the society. The society interprets and validates itself through religion as religion is a system of emotional responses and ideas. It provides existence order and helps human beings bear with day to day troubles in the universe. From a theological perspective, religion is a virtue that leads one to give to a supernatural being or God that which is due to Him. Religions provide adherents with satisfaction and fulfillment and a solution to the problem of evil as they interact with the …show more content…
The social shape for a religion is determined by the religious and ethical ideas that it harbors. The social dimension can also be described as the mode in which religion is institutionalized whereby through its institutions and teachings, it affects the community in which it finds itself. How a religion is represented in tangible form through rock painting, sculpture, shrines, buildings and so on explains the material dimension of religion. The material expression of religion is important to the believers in their approach to divine.
The group I visited practices the Islam religion. Islam as a religion is monotheistic and was started to clean and purify the Arabian religious heritage which practiced polytheism and human sacrifices. Islam religion qualifies to be a religion as it possesses the various dimensions and elements of religion. The core beliefs of Islam are Belief in Allah, belief in Prophets, belief in angels, belief in judgment day and belief in holy books. Muslims believe there is only one Almighty God, Allah. This belief is known as the Tawhid’. A follower’s relationship with Allah is a servant. They also believe in the existence of angels. Angels were created by Allah as His servants and are His messengers as they take His revelation to the prophets. Angels obey Allah because of their nature. (Islam Beliefs and

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