School Uniforms Lead Students To Better Discipline And Safety Research

Do School Uniforms Lead Students to Better Discipline and Safety?
Brunsma, David L., and Kerry A. Rockquemore. "Effects of student uniforms on attendance, behavior problems, substance use, and academic achievement." The Journal of Educational Research 92.1 (1998): 53-62.
According to Brunsma David and Kerry Rockquemore, uniforms are a positively strategy to maintain control over the schools. It help to keep an order and safety learning environment. School violence and the type of clothing that students wear to school are possible connections to becoming victim of crime and bullying at school. Which indicates that discipline is needed, and uniforms policies are a good form to prevent and control such condition.
Gardner, Howard. "The difficulties
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School policies may introduce a particular outfit to control behavioral and attendance problems, and improper clothing. There are many advantages of maintaining uniforms and the majority of students are benefited. School uniforms help students from different backgrounds or economic statutes to feel equal and focused on class, or others educational activities. Students also will learn that the way they dress will not make them much better than others.
Spanner, Danielle. "The Effect of Uniforms on School Discipline." The Global Post. 11 Apr. 2013. Web. 15 Nov. 2015.
School uniforms are being used as a form to encourage safe and reduce disciplinary issues with wearing casual clothes. Danielle Spanner mentioned that bullying and peer pressure is a major problem in educational environments without uniforms, because students tend to be more focused on those who are wearing the new brands and styles. There is an important reason to support those schools across the country that are requiring students to use uniforms. It will help to create a better learning place, with less victims of bullying and disciplinary issues.
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