Classify Bosses

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Bosses are both the misery and joy of the people 's life and are fascinating creatures who lure in the depths of every business. They are the shrewd individuals which make us work and employ us. These people are important though, because without them there would be less efficiency to get the work done. There are many types of bosses though some are good and others are well bosses. One type of bosses are those wealthy ones. The top one percent of the one percent. The ones who carry money bags around and have everything we ever dream of. These bosses have an ego. One thing wrong in the company could cause them great disappointment and they are quick to fire. These bosses own large companies which employ hundreds if not thousands of people to get their work done. They are the people who increase the economy of the company and gain mass quantities of money. Usually these bosses are greedy and only follow the money. They want things done in a timely manner with no hassle for themselves. Bosses like these are found in small numbers but are essential to the economy. …show more content…
They are obsessed with it so much that they make it their way of life. These cheapskates are the weird individuals that are strict and conservative of their wealth. They absolutely hate when an individual forgets to turn the light off when they leave a room and will give an earful to that employee. These employers do not care for the workers much and want the job done as cheaply as possible. An individual will not appreciate these bosses because they offer no reward other than the regular pay. Which is mediocre because they will drive it as close to minimum wage as they can. These employers will most likely assign a cup or water bottle to the workers to drink from as the bosses don 't want to waste too much money on the workers than they need to. Even if they are pretty bad these types of bosses are needed in society as they provide work and a source of

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