Essay On Trait Perspective

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In my paper I am going to be discussing what exactly the trait perspective is. I am also going to define what a trait is and the personality trait perspective. The reason I chose this topic for my paper is because, I find traits very interesting and unique so I wanted to do more research about what the trait perspective is and what other people think about it. There is also something else I am going to be addressing to and is the Trait Theory of Perspective, the reason I am going to discuss that is because it ties into the trait perspective. I wanted to know more and more about why we have traits and why they make every person so unique. I’ve always loved the fact that every person in this world is completely different and now, after researching the trait perspective I know more about the reasoning. I am going to be summarizing the definition of what the trait perspective is and I am going to be giving my own examples.
Keywords: Traits, Trait Perspective, Psychology, Personality, Behaviors and Human Patterns.
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The DSM-5 has many different listings on personality trait model. Many psychologists have not used the personality trait model when diagnosing someone because most of it is self-report. Using the personality trait model it can completely be helpful in seeing if a person has a trait like narcissism. In this quote, the author states how some psychologists started using the personality trait, “In this study we tested a new inventory constructed to assess the pathological personality traits associated with DSM–5 PDs—the PID5—in relation to grandiose and vulnerable narcissism dimensions. An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) of a number of measures of narcissism and NPD was conducted to generate grandiose and vulnerable factors. “2 In this quote, it pretty much is saying that to diagnose someone based on the traits is difficult and that is when the personality trait comes into

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