Value Of College Education

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Education is considered as a significant factor in the growth of a country’s economy, influencing the researcher to study the value of a college education and its impact on the life of individuals. In order to enlighten its audience on the value of a college education, the reading by Delbanco, presents an analogy for further clarifying the way one may pursue the worth of higher education. The reading states that eliminating smoking would eradicate cost associated with providing care to the smokers who suffer from lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema or diabetes. However, when one actually examines the whole and not just the particulars; it can be observed that by eliminating smoking mortality can be reduced, as people would live longer, hence …show more content…
The other economic benefits that further influence the society to invest in higher education are accelerated workforce flexibility, decrease in the dependence on government for any sort of financial support, increase in the consumption of food, development of a society where health and wealth flourishes and an increase in tax revenues for government; however, there is abundance of evidence present that supports the idea that the return associated with pursuing higher education is much higher than the initial investment. This is the major reason why the investment in college education has turned into a realistic perspective and accelerated its value over the period of time. Statistics further support the notion that the disparity which exists between the income earned by the college graduate and those with the high school diploma is quite …show more content…
However, the long term economic benefits outweigh the financial burden which the pursuance of a college degree brings along, especially for the individual falling into the income brackets. It contributes towards changing the overall structure of the economy for the betterment. College education may not just be considered as a source of providing economic paybacks to the overall society, but the way it alters the personality and perspective of its students subsidizes in building a society where new idea are accepted and approaches like democracy flourish.
Nevertheless, there still exists the need of making a college education affordable while maintaining its quality for it is the mean of providing financial stability and raising a nation of well-informed people. In order to effectively illustrate the value of education, it is also important to measure the separate worth which the “liberal art system” and “specialized subjects” adds to the accumulated monetary and moral value of higher education. There is sufficient evidence present to support the notion that investing in higher education would give guaranteed life-long return to the students as well as the

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