Essay On The Trip Of A Lifetime

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The Trip of a Lifetime

It was July fourteenth of the year two thousand and twenty twelve; I was twelve years old. My best friend Page, her parents and I were on a thirteen hour car ride to West Bay, Wisconsin. We were staying with Pages godparents for a week in their cabin in the middle of nowhere. This story is significant to me because I got to see, hear, and learn different things from a different perspective.
The drive up to Wisconsin was the longest drive I have ever been on. On the way, we stopped at every state we went through, and I got my picture taken at all of the rest stops with the state 's name on it. I also was looking at all of the different landscapes of the states, and taking pictures of them to show my parents when I
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My heart felt like it was being torn apart, and I thought to myself, “ how can I let her go?”, “She can 't go now, I have to tell her about my trip and the waterfalls I visited.” Then I was mad at my parents because they didn 't tell me she was sick. I was ready to go home, I needed to be home. When I finally got home late that night the next day, my mom and I made plans to go see my great grandma the next day. By the time I got there to see her, she wasn 't responsive. I was so mad at myself for going to Wisconsin because I wouldn 't get to hear her voice, see her smile, laugh, and most all I didn 't get to say goodbye, or say I love you, and know for sure that she heard me. The next morning my mom got a phone call saying that she had passed away early that morning; I don 't know how, or why, but I remembered the image and feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere in the woods in Wisconsin, listening to the birds, standing by the waterfall, and hearing the rushing of the water,and feeling a calm, and peaceful. I then realized that my grandma would have been upset if I would have spent the whole trip worrying about her, instead of enjoying myself, and that 's why my parents didn 't tell me until I was leaving Wisconsin to go

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