Essay On The Ten Plagues

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The bible being looked at as sacred history would have one think that the ten plagues are a retelling of events that could have actually happened rather stories being told about a people and a pharaoh. Looking at the bible as scared history gives you the mindset that these events took place and the locations that they happened at can be visited. The fact that it is now looked at as history makes what is written regarded as fact and do not solely rely on faith but as something that actually happened. Treating the bible as sacred text tells of an oppressed people that are enslaved by the pharaoh and God becomes sicken with the treatment of his chosen people and speaks through Moses as a way to free his people. God starts off with small ways …show more content…
The plagues are all an attack on the Egyptians livelihood each one making it harder for them from the river turning to blood and not allowing them to drink from it anymore to the livestock being diseased not allowing for food, clothing, or transportation. The Egyptians were now suffering for the enslavement of his people they were not suffering as his people had. These plagues can now be looked at as the Egyptians getting a brief taste of the suffering the slaves go through. The plague also demonstrated God’s power as absolute all the other magicians fell to the way side when compared to the lord’s actions. This would now be looked at as divine intervention by the lord to free his people and as the backstory for how his people came upon the Ten Commandments. The story instead of being looked at as a series of instances as the flies resulting from the dead animals and from the flies boils being formed is now looked as a God punishing the pharaoh. Once the people have been freed this is thought of from sacred text is cause of the plagues convincing the pharaoh. The text is not seen as a group of people moving cause of the misfortune that befell …show more content…
The resting on the seventh day with people having off on the weekend the weekend being a time for rest still. We still honor our parents and are supposed to have the utmost respect for our parents. A few of the commandments are the underlie what we consider the right thing to do but not because of our fear of begin condemned by God but now it is fear of breaking a moral code and shunned by the collective and having to be punished by the government but not God. When man started to form villages and towns and had to worry about more than himself. A set of rules that applied to everyone that ensure safety for the group and did not violate the individual. These rules had to protect and defend the people. The rules had to also be made as a guideline as what is not expectable in this society this could have been the basis for the Ten

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