Essay On The Space Race

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Space race is one of the major top events during the Cold War era. During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union hooked a competition to see who had the best technology in space. This is included such events as who could put the first spacecraft with man into orbit and who would be the first to walk on the Moon. The Space Race was considered important because it showed to the world about which country had the best science, technology, and economic system.
The Space Race began after the World War II. Both, The United States and The Soviet Union realized that how important research in rocket would be to the militarism. They each enlisted the top rocket scientists from Germany to help with their research. Soon both of them which
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It was called “Sputnik”. The Soviets had taken the lead in the Space Race. The Americans launched their very first satellite 122 days later called “the Explorer 1”.
The Soviets won the race by putting the first man into space. On April 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first man that went into the orbit. After three weeks, United States launched another space ship and successfully put the first United States astronaut into orbit. It was Alan Shepherd. The United States were really embarrassed at being behind in the Space Race. In 1961, President John F Kennedy expressed that he wanted to put the first man on the moon. He felt this was important for the country.
After many experiments, Apollo 11 spacecraft was launched into space. The crew of Apollo 11 is Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. The trip took three day time to the moon. On July 1969, Neil Armstrong and his friends became the first man that went to the moon when they all landed on the moon. There is also a theory that stated that this event is a fake due to many reasons.
The Space Race came to an end when the relationship between the United States and Soviet Union’s become soft to each other. The first US-Soviet joint mission is the Apollo-Soyuz project. When this happens, the Space Race has effectively

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