Essay On The Role Of Women In The 1950's Society

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The 1950’s were a time of repression for women, but the fight for their freedoms became evident. Women were considered second-class citizens; they were denied the right to vote, own property or pursue an education. There were very few job opportunities available to women. Society had created the image of the perfect housewife, and believed them to be less competent and capable than men. In the words of philosopher Denise Riley, it is “vital to acknowledge women’s diversity rather than define the category ‘women’ by biological characteristics of sex (4).” Why is it that people today associate “women” with the words, feminine, delicate or dainty? Despite these stereotypes, women have gone through much trail and tribulation to earn the respect they have today. …show more content…
Some women aspired to work, even though they were not granted the same opportunities as men. Even the most qualified woman was denied the right to a position of power; fields like medicine, politics and law were dominated strictly by men. It was expected that women were to have no individuality, in which their greatest goal in life was to marry, stay at home and plan on taking care of their families. University professor Maureen Honey, evaluates the movement of the working-class woman during WWII. She states that “Women were hired to fill positions normally occupied by men, higher paid but required ‘masculine’ abilities and attitudes (1).” Once the soldiers had left for the war, it was the responsibility of the women to take over their husband’s positions so they could continue to support their family. The absence of men in society meant that there were more job opportunities for women, which challenged the conventional standards society had

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