Relationship Between Mind And Body

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You and Your Mind: The Relationship Between Mind and Body Is your mind part of your physical body? Or is the human mind something that scientists will never truly be able to understand? Although there are many ideas of how the body and mind work together, two major theories stand out. One theory, monism, claims that the mind and body are the same entity, suggesting that minds are just another part of our physical body (Descartes PowerPoint 34). The second theory, substance dualism, argues that the mind and body are separate, but work together (Descartes PowerPoint 34). The mind, which is separate from the brain, is not just another physical aspect of the body. Therefore, the mind and body are separate entities, but work together. I propose …show more content…
For the most part, I believe that the mind and the body are separate, but are connected and work together. Like Descartes and other philosophers, I believe that what separates humans from other mammals is our ability to critically think and process information, our ability to think and process information goes far beyond our more developed brains than most animals. Humans ability to think is extraordinary because our thoughts are accompanied by our stream of consciousness. However, consciousness is, as Nagel said, intractable. Consciousness is not far from black and white because consciousness can be altered by different factors. Like one of the previous examples, consciousness can be altered when a person suffers from traumatic brain injuries. Although the consciousness is still present, which would suggest that it is different than the actual physical portions of the brain, the consciousness is so drastically different that it is almost impossible to think that consciousness and the brain are not one. Therefore, my overall stance of the relationship between the mind and the body is uncertain. In my opinion, the conscious mind goes far beyond something that science will ever be measure. Although advancements in understanding the mind can be made, I do not predict that scientists will understand the mind in its entirety. All in all, the relationship between the mind and body will forever be one of the many mysteries of

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