Gun Control Laws Pros And Cons

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Gun Control: The Pros and Cons On December 14, 2012, a man named Adam Lanza brutally murdered 20 kids and 6 adults in a Connecticut school before killing himself after the incident. Terrible events like these spark up debates such as whether stricter gun control policies should be implemented or not. Mark Levin stated, “I wish to god she had had an M-4 in her office…” shortly after the shooting in order to show that he believes the shooter could have been stopped earlier. On the other side of the spectrum, Senator Joseph Lieberman explained, “…the stronger our gun control laws are, the fewer acts of violence…” to show that he would prefer less guns in the world in order to prevent more violent acts. Although assault rifles, when misused, are …show more content…
The American people must be willing to oppose any further gun control. This is a good idea due to the fact that more law abiding people can chose to have defense in their homes. More defense will essentially lead to less crime. Should assault rifles be banned, people will have to resort to other means of protection. But, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together the fact that a baseball bat is a much less effective means of protection than a firearm. John Hawkins states in an article he wrote that, “When faced with gun control laws, the law abiding citizen has no choice other than to disarm or become an outlaw, but people with bad intentions are faced with no such moral dilemma.” This explains that people who really want to do bad things to the world will still find a way but gun control will make it that much easier for them because a lack of defense is one less obstacle to overcome. His article also consists of some stories of how guns have saved lives. One of the stories is about a fourteen year old boy who shot a man in broke into his home while he was babysitting his younger siblings. The story explains, “From the top of the stairs, the boy saw a man break open the front door. When the man pointed a gun at the boy, the boy shot the man. The man did not fire his weapon.” Although the boy was put into danger with a gun pointed at him, he was not killed due to the fact that he was able to protect

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