A Person I Admire Analysis

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Admire means to regard an object, quality, or person with respect or warm approval. For me to admire someone means to respect them for who they are or what they have accomplished. The person I admire the most is my mother, because she is caring, respectful, and committed. My mother is caring because she helps others in need, she always forgives others, and she pushes others to always try their best and to never give up. I feel that my mother is caring when she helps others in need, because my mother knows that could have been her who needed help. For instance, during spring break I was driving my mother around and she told me to pull into Spinx to get gas. When we pulled in this man came up to my mother and asked if he could have a dollar to get gas, because he had to drive all the way to …show more content…
My mother is dedicated to her children by making sure we have everything that we need; such as clothes, food and getting our hair done. For instance, a couple months ago my mother told me that I was the only one getting my hair done because she did not have the money to get both our hair done. I asked her why does she not just get her hair done and I can get mine done later. She told me that it is a parents job to make sure their children have what they need first before the parents. With her telling me that tells me that she is committed to her children. Then my mother is also dedicated to her family by making sure that her siblings and parents are all right. My mother is the type of person who will still try to make sure her family is all right even if they are not on good terms. For instance, my mother and my grandmother got into an argument over what she can say to her children and they stopped talking for a while. Though they were not on good terms my mother still called her mother to make sure she was all right because they were still family at the end of the

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