Essay On The Perfect Society In Animal Farm

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Can a perfect society exist?

Animal Farm by Mr. George Orwell is a society that the animals run a farm called Manor Farm from which was taken from Mr. Jones. In Animal Farm, the were mistreated from Mr. Jones and they just revolted against Mr. Jones. When the pigs were in charge when they were in revolting against the animals. A perfect society could exist if their is no dictator. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, he conveyed the pigs as leaders ; the pigs had the better benefit and the other animals suffered. To make a perfect society no dictator should be in charge.

In Animal farm, animals tries to have a society that all animals could be treated and not over work like how they had it with Mr.Jones. The Animals wanted to be treat
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Old Major saw his vision was correct but sadly Old Major couldn’t see how it happen since he passed away. The animals were learning how to read and with that they needed to learn the ABC’s to learn the basic. The society was perfect at first where all of the animals were getting to be treated equal and the pigs haven 't been going in charge yet. According to the text it said, “ these three had elaborated old major’s teaching into a complete system of thought, to which they gave name of animalism” ( page 16). The animals were learning the ways that Old Major was trying to tell the other animals what to do and it 's going to be beneficial. The animals started to began a idea of animalism to be spreading around the farm and to show that the farm will be run by the animals and it will be better than how the humans left …show more content…
They were the rules that pigs put in place in order to keep order and to know what should going around. The pigs took advantage of the milk that was milked out of the cow and after a meeting the milk was gone and Napoleon said that it was needed to help them to make decisions and help to improve the brain to grow. The pigs are represented as the humans who run the government of Russia who help get rid of the the old regime , compare to Mr.Jones. According the text it said,“ Napoleon acted swiftly and ruthlessly. he ordered the hens’ rations to be stopped…”( page 76). The pigs are now putting the pressure on the farm to be performing faster to get the job done faster. The animal most manipulated is Boxer from the pigs who tells him what to do and he does it. His motto was that “ I will worker harder” he was already working hard and the pigs were too good to convince to what to

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