Essay On The Most Thrilling Experience

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e2 ung ginawa ko.. wag na wag nyong kokopyahin ean mahahalata tau ni mam.. guide lang 2 para sa inyo :D goodluck guys. isa pa ha.. wag nyong i CTRL+C ... CTRL+V to ha.. respeto naman..
(most thrilling experience)
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When we we're young me and my brother are like those normal children enjoying their normal life we play a lot and develop our skills together. My mom is so proud seeing us like that. She's not worried about us because she never thought of something bad will happen to us. You see, me and my brother are the guard each other, we never back down when an urgent thing happen. But things happen unexpectedly I never thought something horrible would happen to us. The two of us like to experiment on cooking we cooked many dishes we don't know what to call, its like our bonding time. On one particular day we are about to cook another experiment, he let me chop the ingredients like the potatoes, onions, and other stuffs, he trusted me with that small knife. He's handling the oil, I really don't know what just happen, I just heard something smashed and I saw him fell in the ground, so I immediately rushed into him... But then I also slipped because of the oil scattered. I closed my eyes because I was hurt that time, but when I open my eyes, I see the ground full of blood, I can hear my brother crying, I checked where is the wound, but when I looked at the face of my brother, the knife I was holding we're stucked in some part of his eye. I'm so shocked and terrified. I don't know what to do. I have to call someone for help! I went outside even though I'm filled with blood stain until my Aunt. saw …show more content…
Even if it's an accident my brother won't blame anyone except me and I think that would be the most hurtful thing that would happen to me." My moter arrived, we went to the hospital as fast as we could, she never talked to me... that what makes me feel more inconfident, she's never like that to me when she comes home. We arrived at the hospital, the doctor quickly came to us finally, I hear my mother speaks again. "God is always good" that is the only thing I heared the doctor have said. My brother is still alive, luckily its not the exact eye that took the hit, only the side of it. I was too scared that time, until now I still blame it all on me. After the operation I still don't know what to say to my brother, I still can't talked to him, I don't knw if he's angry or

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