Essay On The Most Memorable Holiday In My Life

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The most memorable holiday in my life was in 2009. We were at home sitting down, We went into the living room and waited for are relatives to come to our house for christmas. Then when they arrived we chatted for a while then we had hotcoca and then we ordered pizza. When it arrived we ate until we could eat no more After that we sat in the living room and watched some tv for a while until my grandpa ordered cookie pizza like 3 of them and he went and got it. When he came back we ate the cookie pizza i had like 5 slices and it was good and then we went outside and we seen it started to snow so we went sledding. We went to the creek it was about 11:00 am and we seen the creek was filled with ice and we started to ride our sleds on the ice. It was fun and we met some other …show more content…
I left and it was about 2:30 and I had rode to my friends house Joe he asked me if I watched to watch some tv and play some halo I said which last about 1hr and when I was done. He asked if I had to go I said yes then when I left. I went to my grandma’s where I ate cookies and had some pie and played air hockey for 25 minutes. I went to uncle house and had to clean out his shed then I asked him if he had anymore work for me he said yes. Then I went and emptied his pool and when I was done with that i went and shoveled some snow. After that he gave me some money about $30 bucks and he told me he had a gift for me. I went to the garage and he showed me it was a new skateboard I was so shocked. He just smiled and i thanked him and left it was about 5pm and I was running all over the place so i just went to my tree house and took a nap for about an hour. When i awoke i seen my treehouse was blown over and the tree was smashed up. When i got out i felt dizzy and walked to my Aunt’s house where she said i had few scratch on me and she said i would be fine. So i went straight home and went to bed the

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