First World War Impact

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Anytime there are mass human deaths is a time of great sorrow. The First World War was an example of one of these occasions. The state of the world spiraled out of control and violence ensued dealing a massive death toll. Due to its gravity, The First World War had a huge impact of shaping the world into what it is today, especially politically. The First World War impacted politics, and through politics gave countries a sense of nationalism, changed the face of politics of colonies and molded the way of how world relations, and their domino effect is today.

Nationalism, although a relatively new concept, today, is a part of the core identities of people all across the world. The First World War had a huge impact on this national identity
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As stated in the unit before, as well as this unit, “empires tried to show partnership, as opposed to complete rule, by keeping the previous leader of the colonies around as a titular head”(5/2). Leading up to the First World War, some colonies, although independent, still had no independent government due to vacation of the empire’s government. Some colonies’ politics were governed through split rule by the two different alliances involved. Poland is a prime example of this occurrence. The First World War is almost entirely responsible for establishing Poland’s government as it is today. Poland had not existed during the beginning of World War I, and citizens found themselves to be fighting for both the Germans and the Russians. In order to swing the Polish to the Central Powers, the Germans fueled by political agenda “wanted to increase Polish support for their cause ain in the Act of 5th November 1916, declared the creation of a new state called the Kingdom of Poland” (WSJ). Although this was giving independence to the colony, again in order to gain power, the German Empire, impacted the government of Poland creating a puppet state for Germany’s benefit. Poland, though, as we know, has lasted through the ages, and maybe the First World War is to credit with its recognition as a fully independent country with a fully independent …show more content…
Through its impact on politics, we saw the rise of nationalism, and at the war’s very peak, gave newly independent countries their identities. It formed the base of government, and gave colonies a foundation to build on their new models of government, as well as gave reason for established countries to form government in the newly independent but still in shambles territories. Finally it shaped how treaties and alliances shaped the world today, and probably will for a very long

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