Essay On The Fall Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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In 1920’s America, people believed in a dream in which anyone, regardless of their name, class, and color, can achieve their own interpretation of success in a world where social mobility is possible for everyone. The American dream is accomplished through sacrifice, valor, and hard work. It grants people the freedom to strive for bigger and exceptional things rather than remaining in one condition for the most of an individual’s life. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby represents the rise and the fall of the American Dream because of Gatsby’s aspiration for greatness and wealth, followed by his short-lived accomplishment of getting the woman of his dreams, eventually robbing him his life and integrity.
Before sinking into the trend of moral decay,
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They meet after years of infinite hope and sacrifice when Nick offers to help them. When Gatsby realizes that he has achieved his lifelong dream, he “literally glowed… a new well-being radiated from him and filled the little room” (Fitzgerald 89). This shows that Gatsby is at the peak of his own interpretation of the American Dream and because of this, he has become a better version of himself and for Daisy. Not only did he get his dream girl, but he also managed to prosper and become known. Before all of this, he often turned to the light for comfort knowing that Daisy lives in the town across from his. As they reunited, Gatsby realized that the “colossal significance of the light had now vanished forever… she seemed as close as close as a star to the moon” (Fitzgerald 93). Gatsby’s dreams for Daisy has finally been realized when she is up close and personal with him in his home, instead of a green beam of light. Although he achieved his lifelong dream of winning Daisy’s heart, he turned his world upside down and rejected the morals he had when he was a kid. Instead of becoming a respectable man after obtaining his wealth, he pretended to be a part of Daisy’s social circle to be accepted, and eventually started lying about every bit of his life. Gatsby wins Daisy’s heart after years from corruption and dishonesty about the man he used to

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