Ionic Reaction Lab Report

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The purpose of this experiment is to observe the difference between ionic and molecular compounds using conductivity as a means of analysis. This lab will allow us to organize compounds based on the magnitude of their conductivity. This will allow us to determine whether or not a compound is molecular or ionic based on its conductivity. This lab also will determine the effect of concentration on conductivity of certain electrolytes, as well as the number of ions. We also will examine the effect of polyatomic versus monoatomic ions on the conductivity of a solution. In other words, are polyatomic ions more or less conductive than monoatomic ions? An examination of all of these aspects of the solutions will help us come to a greater understanding …show more content…
So in this experiment we will observe the effect of concentration on the conductivity, by taking readings of the same solution at different concentrations.
The charge of the ions also has an effect on the conductivity of the solution. Different charges result in different stoichiometry with different compounds. Take for example a 1.0 M solution of HCl. In this compound the two ions that make this up are: H+ and Cl-. So when these ions dissociate in a solution, the max ion concentration that the solution can reach is 2.0 M; whereas in a 1.0 M CaCl2 solution the ions include Ca2+ and Cl-. Therefore the ion concentration here is 3.0 M. This should have an effect on the conductivity as the concentration of ions will be different.
In part B slope will be used to analyze the effect that concentration and charge have on the conductivity of a solution. Slope of a line determines the rate of change, and therefore the magnitude of the effect of these two variables. Therefore, the larger the slope, the greater the effect. I hypothesize that as the concentration of the solute increases, the greater the conductivity. I also hypothesize that as the charges increase, and the more complex the mixture of ionic charges in molecules changes and varies, there should also be an increase in

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