The Merchant Of Venice Conflict Essay

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Shylock shows the intriguing conflict between the Christians and the Jews in Venice. Shylock immediately shows his hatred for Antonio, as he says in an aside, “I hate him for he is a Christian; But more, for that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis”. This shows his loathing for Antonio based on that fact that he dislikes Christians and highlighting the conflict between Christians and Jews in Venice, furthermore, Antonio is seen as a rival in his business, this further emphasizes the conflict between these two characters. Shylock is bitter about his mistreatment at the hands of Antonio as he claims that Antonio has scolded him about his money and his financial deals. The audience notices the reasons for Shylock’s bitterness when he says, …show more content…
Shylock’s longing for revenge causes him to lose everything, this is shown in the Venetian court. Shylock’s need for revenge was shown when he demands for a pound of Antonio’s flesh, he says “I crave the law, the penalty and forfeit of my bond” his tone is very commanding, determined, showing no sympathy and no mercy. Portia and the Duke encourages him to be merciful, Shylock is offered ’twice the sum’ and also ‘ten times o’er’ Portia tells him ‘be merciful take thrice thy money’ the audience begins to see how he is fuelled by revenge when he demands his ‘pound of flesh’ which becomes a symbol of his vengeance which leads to his downfall. The audience begins to lose sympathy for him. when Portia says that he shall receive “all justice” and comes back with the full weight of laws against him, the audience also sees how the Christians show vengefulness and shows no mercy when Shylock becomes stubborn, at the end of the trial, Shylock’s money is shared between the state and Jessica and Lorenzo, a Christian, Antonio requests, “His presently becomes a Christian” forcing Shylock to change his religion is unmerciful as Shylock is a very devoted Jew, Shylock becomes a victim of his vengefulness, he’s an interesting character as he is uncooperative with the court, it leads to his tragic outcome. As Shakespeareans audiences will believe that Shylock got what his comeuppance, modern audiences will pity Shylock. Shylock’s interesting as his actions for revenge caused his

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