Essay On The Character Of God In The Old Testament

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Jacob King
Mr. Phil Murphy
Bibl 101 Survey of O.T.
14 November, 2015
Character Essay
The Character of God in the Old Testament Indescribable, yet so lovable God has, is, and will always prove himself as the character of love in any situation life poses. Looking through the text as well as knowing the Old Testament I am under the complete understanding that God is Love no matter the case and no matter what mistakes people make, God is still Love. In the Old Testament Psalm 117:2 states, “For His merciful kindness is great toward us, and the truth of the Lord endures forever”. Here we find that the Lord is Love in that he has kindness for the Gentiles which the equivalent today is you and I. In the whole O.T. we find that God offered forgiveness
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I would like to breakdown the characteristic of Love. Because God is Love, Love carries many other characteristics. To Moses in the book of Exodus 15:2 He is the Salvation of Moses. God was also known as protector in the same chapter when killing Pharaoh’s army as well as Pharaoh. According to Encountering the Old Testament, “the only motivating factor for his redemptive actions may be found in his nature as loving and compassionate God (John 3:16). This fact, combined with an awareness of the hopelessness of the human predicament, helps us understand how great his salvation is (Heb 2:1-4).” (Beyer, Pg. 42-43) Other acts in the O.T. that correlate with salvation in the N.T. are as follows; Lot and his family escaping Sodom before judgment, post giving Sodom multiple chances of salvation, Noah and his family salvation by boat before the judgment of the world …show more content…
My passion is that every person in the world will know of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. So as I am in the last section of the paper I will explain what I will do in order to see the lost saved. First and foremost I will live my life in public and everywhere I go to honor God. There aren’t words to describe God, however I will make my actions describe God as much as possible through Love. If God’s character is Love, and I am created in His image then that means that I am Love. I strive daily to live a life that says God love you in every way possible. My goal is that all non-believers are saved. My passion is not for the saved and well, but for the sick and lost. My hope is that I can get the word out to as many people as possible. I know that the harvest is plenteous, but I also know that the laborers are few. With knowing this I will live my life as a laborer full-time with or without pay, because I know what God has done in me. I know that when God loved me, he also loved the world. I am also going to challenge every Christian I come in contact with to live a selfless life so that others can see Christ. In wrapping up, the indescribable never changing God is

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