Personal Narrative: Through The Blind

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Through the blinds, I saw a tree. Its leaves looked almost translucent in the afternoon sun as they whipped back and forth in the breeze. The fall was colder than it should be at at time of year, but I didn’t mind, I loved the cold weather. From what little I could see through my blinds, it was a beautiful day. The weather had been dismal, it has rained almost every day.
I was hesitant to leave the warm embrace of my covers, but eventually I did. The floor was practically frozen beneath me as I walked over to my dresser. I pulled out a neon salmon sports bra and a pair of Nike shorts after much deliberation. Neon colors are always good for a run, you’re less likely to get run over that way. Afterwards, I threw on a zip up sweatshirt just in case I needed it.
The house was unusually quiet, most days you can’t miss the hustle and bustle of
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Couldn’t you have waited like a normal person instead of scaring me shitless?” I groaned and fished a spoon out of the silverware drawer. “Seriously, what are you talking about?”
“Where were you last night?” Her words were sharp and accusing.
“The library, where I am most nights.” I said, knowing where she was heading. This would not bode well, especially after the others learned.
“I know you’re the one that called the cops.” Rose didn’t have to raise her voice to be intimidating. I knew what she wanted was for me apologize and beg her for forgiveness. “They knew the party was happening, the guy in charge last night was completely cool about it.”
“They probably wouldn’t have been cool with the aftermath.” I pointed out. “I wouldn’t have called if a bunch of drunk idiots hadn’t broken the library doors. It was just me last night and I had thought someone had broken in at first. When I saw the morons in their togas, I got pissed and called the cops. How was I supposed to know you guys had wrecked the campus?”
The soggy Cheerios in the bowl quickly lost their appeal so I dumped them and put the bowl in the

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