Essay On The American Dream

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Do impairments throughout one's life change one's goals? On the off chance that something hard or even unexpected
 happens, does one play Judas on the sum total of what that has been worked for? In an American culture, there
is an
 thought of
that differ
from one
Dreams are not limited
only to society. Barriers
 impediments, whether emotional
or physical, that
achieving a dream
or even give The American dream is something regular to all individuals, yet it is something that everybody sees in diverse ways. The American dream is distinctive for everybody, except they share a percentage of the same parts of it. The fantasy is reliant for the most part on the setting of where one …show more content…
My ideas about what the American Dream means doesn’t necessarily mean being famous, filthy rich, or having materialistic things. What it means to me is helping achieve the betterment for my people (Blacks) in America and also help lead the way to the improvement much needed for this country. As a society we tend to find ourselves putting value on things that don’t really matter but only does because we are taught and lead to believe they do. I come from and live in a generation that fame, materialistic things, and money seems to be the only way to make a person happy. Although all those things are good to have, somehow it made us lose sight of what really matters. Such as things like having love for one another, respect, and honesty, my American Dream isn’t just about benefitting for myself but also mainly for others.
Achieving this dream isn’t going to be an overnight task. It’s going to take endless hours of hard and determination to fulfill my dream. Also it’s going to take the people to look inside themselves to see that my dream isn’t unreasonable and could be and needs to be achieved. Having faith in myself that I can do such a difficult task seeing how things are now and how much things need to be changed for the better. As well as having faith in the people

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