Essay On The Affluence And The Poor By Marcus Mabry

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In every country, cities, towns and villages there are two groups of people. These two groups are: the affluence and the poor. And depending on our personal and family financial background, we will be classifying in one of the two groups. Unfortunately, we do naturally find ourselves been born from a poor family background which can of course fundamentally change our perspectives and experiences about life. Sometime some unusual situation like being poor and living among affluent class can make us to struggle between both backgrounds. But personally I think the main challenge is not about being affluent or poor but rather it is about how to appreciate one own background and learn from it and try to make it better. Many of us do find ourselves in such two worlds life style experience at one point and can course us to struggle how to balances both life styles. Such was the experience of the world renounce author Marcus Mabry which he …show more content…
Moreover, Mabry way of handling the factual evidence links between narration and reflection made him to explained his life story in the Two Worlds and how that experience shaped his life for the good. As he pointed out that,” Most students who travel between the universes of poverty and affluence during breaks experience similar conditions, as well as the guilt, the helplessness and, sometimes, the embarrassment associated with them” (Marbry 108). Here he was trying to tell his audience about the pain and suffering that is associated with poverty and the inability of his affluent fellow students to understand the level of pain that come along with poverty. In addition, he was able to connect his reasoning with the quality of the text. Because millions of people are undergoing similar lives styles to in modern day America

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