Should Teen Moms Stay In School Or Drop Out Essay

The topic many people avoid talking about teen pregnancy. Perhaps, they do not talk about it because they think if they do not talk about it, it may go away. In reality, it should be talked about and people should be educated about how it can become an epidemic and could be delayed to a time in life where the parent is more economically and mentally stable. If the teen is already pregnant, we as a society should help them, encouraging them, educating them, giving them information as to where they can go for help. Perhaps maybe if they had more help and encouragement teen pregnancy would not be such a bad thing. Should teen moms stay in school, should they drop out? Everybody should get an education and have a chance at a better future, just …show more content…
They should still feel welcome to learn in their school and feel safe in their environment.
Here’s the big question, should teens that are pregnant stay in school or drop out? Teen moms have such a better opportunity for themselves and their child if they stay in school. However, most drop out because they do not have enough support, or they feel as if they already completely screwed up their life and it cannot possibly get any worse, but little do they know their life has just began. When you drop out your next choice is to get your GED, which stands for General Equivalency Diploma, however many people who drop out never get their GED. With your GED colleges are less likely to take you into their school. However with a high school diploma, colleges are more likely to take you. They know and see that you have pushed through that trial in your life and that you are a fighter. That shows your independent, capable, intelligent, and have positive outlook on life as a teen parent, or parent to be. There are many success stories out there, which show you that staying in high school will not be as bad as it seems. Most of what you will hear in today’s world and see on television is stuff about how pregnant

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