Essay On Teenage Addiction

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Teen Addiction
Teens with alcohol and substance addictions can demonstrate behaviors that may lead to long term lifestyle of substance abuse. Adolescence the developmental period for young people physically and emotionally. This is a time where they may encounter a number of trials, including hope in gaining a greater sense of identity and independence. Experimentation with substances is typical for many young people, fortunately one of the many challenges most adolescents face is whether or not to experiment with drugs. A small portion of adolescents do develop problems with substances that substantially affect their development and future adult lives. However, everyone does not go on to develop substance abuse problems later in life.
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At this stage of life they are presented with challenges that lead to desire for acceptance and independence, seek relationships outside of their family and plan for their futures (Burrow- Sanchez, 2006). Being developmentally immature their biological and psychological functions have increased vulnerability to influences of substances and potential for harm and detriment to these functions. The outlook for youth that do use substances can be negative but all that experiment are not destined to a life of addiction.
Those teens who are at risk for engaging in smoking, drinking and drug use generally have a poor sense of well-being. They may lack confidence in appearance, ability and intelligence leading them to try things that offer the perception of improvement. A teenager wants to be liked and accepted by the people around them. They want to be part of the popular peer in crowd dynamic. Obtaining this approval is significant because it makes the difficult teenage years a little bit more bearable. The susceptibility to drug addiction affects the formation of the student’s personality. One of the reasons its appearance is the socialization defects within the family, regrettable attitude of parents to

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