Tactual Performance Assessment

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arrived on time for his evaluation. He presented as pleasant and quiet, and did not attempt to engage the examiner in conversation. He readily responded to the examiner’s questions prior to the beginning of the evaluation, which allowed for some rapport building. He exhibited good work habits and appeared interested in the testing process, as he was attentive to the test stimuli and adequately followed the examiner’s instructions. Taseen was cooperative and engaged throughout the evaluation. He declined opportunities to take breaks and appeared focused on the tasks. He exhibited minimal reactions to successes and failures, as evidenced by his performance on the Category Test. On two separate occasions, Taseen missed several problems in a row, at which point he said something softly under his breath that the examiner could not make out. Other than that he did not exhibit any other reactions to successes or failures on that test. He exhibited good frustration tolerance during the Tactual Performance Test (TPT), as he was actively engaged during this task and did not appear frustrated at any point. Taseen completed all items on the PAI. …show more content…
He exhibited some difficulty with receptive language, as evidenced by his performance on the WRAT-4, which indicated lower than grade-level ability with regard to word reading, sentence comprehension, and spelling. He did not exhibit difficulty with receptive or expressive language, as evidenced by his performance on the WAIS-IV. During the administration of verbal tasks on the WAIS-IV, Taseen provided sufficient responses to the examiner’s questions. In addition, when the examiner was required to query his responses, Taseen usually elaborated on his original response, or stated that he was unable to do so. Overall, his scores on verbal skills on the WAIS-IV suggested average ability with regard to verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, and general word

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