Essay On Sweetie's Heart Using Computer Science To Scan Her Brain

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I believe that the plan to get back sweetie’s heart using computer science to scan her brain, and make a perfect A.I simulation of the program will ultimately fail. To first understand my arguments, one has to understand the argument of A.I, the different types, and why the A.I that is needed for this program will most likely never exist. I support Nagel’s theory, in which no matter how much technology advances, there will always be something different between machine and man. This puts A.I. into two different types, Strong A.I which is when a computer or program can think and reason naturally to the same extent a human can. The second type is weak A.I. which is when a computer program can model the way in which humans make decisions. Due to …show more content…
I do not believe the idea that the human brain is based on an algorithm, it is too complex due to it constantly gaining new experiences. Sweetie is constantly changing, her mood might be different, sweetie is always taking in new experiences, learning, the program simply is not capable of having the same ability. If the program somehow could continuously be connected to sweeties brain asking it and getting a response that would be effective however that is not possible. Let's say you ask the program a specific action that’ll get sweetie to like you and love you for the awesome person you are and the program responds in a way that encourages your chances. However, does the program take in the fact that the same day you were planning on giving sweetie a present, something awful happened in her day, and she does not want to talk to anyone? You may run that scenario through the program, however how do you know what specifically happened to her, and if her reaction would be similar to those in her past? You go to her house, knock on her door repeatedly and give her a present and say that you both have not gone to the movies in a while, and this new movie came out that you’d like to see with her, sweetie responds by

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