Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades Essay

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At one point in our lives we have all been a student. As young kids we probably all enjoyed it, never really have any homework to turn in. After, middle school where teachers started asking about what you want to be and where we were going to go to college. High School is where you are able to see your future; how all your hard work is going to pay off With all of the work, time and effort we have gone through should we not get something in return? It is okay to be rewarded for your good work, does not always happen but students should be paid for good grade.
The benefits outweigh the disadvantages, giving the students a sense of accomplishment for their hard work. If student were to get paid it would increase their motive a get up and do well. Many kids do not like the idea of having to go to school, they do not feel like it would really benefit them so we need to give them some motivation When students get paid it teaches them what good thing can happen when you work hard and do well. Now, we would not pay them for D’s and F’s, getting paid is a reward for good grades. Young children will learn the value of money, learning how to save it and be able to buy something when they are ready. If students got paid it would
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In a way most students do get paid, after graduating you have the party you get the money and you either save it or blow it right a way. That money you get from your party is not as much as it would be if you did get paid for going to school every year but something is better than nothing. We have all been students if we are not right now and it is nice the get a little reward for you hard work. Either way it turns out we turn around and give thanks to everyone and anyone who had helped you or give you the boost you need during your long hard years as a

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