Essay On Street Crime

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Crime is an issue that has had an effect on everyone from each corner of the world to each individual in society. Crime or criminal activity can be defined as any behavior that violates the law. Street crime tends to be the primary focus of the media, the public, and even the focus of the law enforcement and the Criminal Justice System, but what of white collar crime? White collar crime can be defined as deviant acts that break the law and are usually focused on financial gain. Some examples of white collar crimes include embezzlement, fraud, Ponzi schemes, and money laundering. One famous instigator of white collar crime would be Charles Ponzi. Ponzi was known for his confidence and charisma. Due to these characteristics he was able to pull off one of the most notorious scandals in history. Charles Ponzi became known for Ponzi schemes. A Ponzi scheme is when the provider makes contact with the participants mostly through the whole scam. The investors also receive their returns from the provider as well. The provider is the one who does all of the recruiting. The most important goal of a Ponzi scheme to for the benefactor to get people …show more content…
If people in society are uninformed about these crimes occurring, how can society put a stop to such deviant acts and behaviors? This knowledge can help by allowing people to stay away from scams and other tricks. Just one documentary, television show or news ad could help enlighten society on the importance of white collar crime awareness. If those in society become educated about this topic than this can lead to harsher punishments for those that commit these acts which could result in the general public being deterred from future white collar crimes. With this knowledge people in society can realize how these crimes and criminals actually are rather than believing

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